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Larsen's Creamery
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Henry's Original Butter Churn

An authentic butter churn from the 1920s. To see today's production facilities take this online tour!
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Founded in 1927

The Larsen’s Creamery story is a story of determination and dedication. In 1927, Henry Larsen knew that people preferred the natural goodness of sweet creamery butter. He rented a building in Oregon City, Oregon, installed a wood fired boiler, put in a pasteurizer and a small wooden churn, and was ready to churn butter.

"Mother's Choice" the Winner

Henry needed a name for his new butter, so he sponsored a contest. Mrs. Helen Soesbe was the winner with the name "Mother’s Choice" — a name still used today on Larsen’s butter products.

A Tradition of Fine Quality Butter

  • 1943: Henry retired. His nephew, Oscar Larsen, carried on the tradition of manufacturing fine quality butter from fresh local cream.
  • 1956: a new packaging facility was built, the old churn was replaced with new barrel churns, and modern, high-speed packaging equipment was put into place.
  • 1978: Andrew Gianopoulos became a partner in Larsen's Creamery. The business continued to thrive.
  • 2000: After purchasing all remaining stock from Mr. Larsen, Andrew became the sole owner of Larsen's Creamery.
  • 2001: Larsen's joined with long-time friend and business associate Raven Creamery, a leading processor of butter for the grocery industry.

Today Larsen's Creamery is a leading private butter manufacturer and packaging company in the Pacific Northwest.

Larsen’s Creamery is committed to “The Business of Butter.”

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