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Larsen's Creamery

Larsen’s Creamery to install whipped butter line for the food service market.

Larsen’s Creamery is meeting the demand of the food service market by installing a whipped butter machine. Capable of producing five pound tubs of whipped butter at a rate of 4,500 pounds per hour, the whip line will offer our customers locally-produced, quality whipped butter. Case sizes will include two 5-pound and four 5-pound tubs.

Locally produced whipped butter from Larsen’s Creamery offers food service purveyors and restaurants quality whipped butter for a wide range of uses — pancakes, waffles, spreadable butter for table service at large events.

  • How about adding some fresh fruit puree or honey for a delicious seasonal spread for scones or fresh made biscuits.
  • For grilling — mix in fresh herbs and lemon and top off seafood or steaks hot off the grill.

Check out our recipes for some serving suggestions. Please contact us if you have any questions about our "new" whipped butter!

Larsen’s Creamery will begin construction of a 16,000 sq. foot freezer.

Starting in August, 2009, Larsen’s will start construction of a new freezer addition. The new building will be adjoined to the existing cooler section on the north side of the building.

Capable of holding over 1100 pallets of product, the new freezer rooms will be a valuable addition to the storage services we offer to our customers. Divided into three sections, the freezer storage will allow temperatures to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. For short- to long- term storage, this temperature will offer our customers a versatile range of storage — for everything from butter to ice cream.

We anticipate completion in February, 2010. If you have need for storage, distribution, and order consolidation, consider Larsen’s warehouse services and contact us.

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